Water intrusion can be due to water, fire, or earthquake damage; or construction defects occurring in areas such as leaking windows/doors, roof failure, or waterproofing not installed to industry standards, building pressure differentials, vapor migration through barriers and slabs, as well as airborne moisture transport.

Specialists in issues of water intrusion through the building envelope,
CDF (Construction Defect Forensics)

investigates, including, when warranted, conducting microbial investigation and inspecting the building with infrared thermography, and analysis of possible construction defects, and conducts testing, destructive/non-destructive.

After performing an issue analysis, CDF can recommend repair and/or maintenance, help prepare a claim, or provide litigation support services/expert witness testimony for either plaintiff or defense attorneys.

Mike Cosley, GC, CR, CIEC, CMC, CMRS is a “water damages guy.”

His non-forensics company provides restoration and mold remediation. He holds the Certified Restorer Designation from the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Repair, the highest level of training/certification for an insurance repair professional. There are only about 200 active C.R.’s in the U.S.

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